Steve and his Girl

I feel like a girl, writing this. I’m embarrassed, and thoroughly so.  I have betrayed my masculinity and a whole legion of macho men out there. I’m an outlier, the proverbial black sheep. I’m standing in the hall of shame for having complemented a guy on his looks and appearance. Okay, we complemented each other. … Continue reading Steve and his Girl


A love story

My high school class has this camaraderie thing going, many moons down the line. We’re pretty tight. A brotherhood, we call it. We meet up once in a while. Half the time, randomly. No fanfare and meticulous planning, because those hardly materialize. Our meetings are laced with banter and peppered with funny anecdotes and naughty … Continue reading A love story

The lone patron

He looks like them summer bunnies- rich skin, fleshy face, shiny lips, neat haircut, no beards, no tie, airs, chutzpa, the works...The guy looks distant...Lone patrons often times have shit going down in their lives. Mostly a relationship on the rocks, or finances in the pits. Or both.

They say Ethiopian beauty is unparalleled. That only Persian women come close. They say that Ethiopian women are authentic and genuine and deeply true to themselves. That they haven't been too westernized {like we are}. That they don't try to be men. That they use their feminine charm to wield power and influence. That they … Continue reading