Heat, Sweat and Blood.

There’s this time I was in between jobs and I found myself kicking ass in a quarry somewhere in Juja, because, as the cocky Americans would say, a man got to do what a man got to do. Actually, kicking ass sounds swankier. Like it was a cool thing. A cool thing like say being … Continue reading Heat, Sweat and Blood.


A love story

My high school class has this camaraderie thing going, many moons down the line. We’re pretty tight. A brotherhood, we call it. We meet up once in a while. Half the time, randomly. No fanfare and meticulous planning, because those hardly materialize. Our meetings are laced with banter and peppered with funny anecdotes and naughty … Continue reading A love story

The lone patron

He looks like them summer bunnies- rich skin, fleshy face, shiny lips, neat haircut, no beards, no tie, airs, chutzpa, the works...The guy looks distant...Lone patrons often times have shit going down in their lives. Mostly a relationship on the rocks, or finances in the pits. Or both.