It’s Jamuhuri day so I’m taking it easy. I’m having a lazy day. Just lazy, not polite. Polite is when you’re doing something decent with your life and keeping quiet about it. Something worthwhile. But I’m just here sprawled on the couch with nothing on but a pair of old blue shorts. A packet of … Continue reading Morgan



I joined uni nine months after high school. I was 19, teetering on the brink of my 20s. I had just lost my virginity a few months earlier to an older girl in my hood. A second year in uni. She was 20. Chubby with full, succulent lips and squishy boobs. Pretty thing. Gorgeous. She … Continue reading Campus


I’m having this ghastly beard because it’s no shave November, or Movember, if you wish, when we {men} forgo shaving and instead donate the moolah we would have otherwise spent on shaving and grooming towards cancer {prostate mostly} awareness, prevention, and research. {How about such a long sentence for an intro?}. And to quickly nip … Continue reading Indebted